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ExpressPay franchise is a system that has a portfolio of value-added services that is highly competitive, profitable, easy to operate and to expand.

To provide a comprehensive business package for its Business Partners, ExpressPay franchise has strategically partnered with leading service providers.

ExpressPay franchise business program is affordable that requires  low investment, no physical inventory, relatively fast ROI and highly profitable.


ExpressPay Offers a Ready to Operate 6 in 1 Franchise

Money Remittance

Bills Payment

Travel and Tours

Prepaid Loading

Courier Service

XP Market

Ask your Consultant about our New Products and upcoming services.

Start immediately!

All you need in your shop is a computer, printer, internet connection and a weighing scale.

ExpressPay Franchise Business

Highly Profitable and Low-Risk! ROI generally fast.

Increases Customer Traffic for your existing business.

VERY LOW Start-up cost

Php 140,ooo.oo Three Year Franchise Contract.

Php 196,000.00 Five Year Franchise Contract.

Php 280,000.00 Lifetime Franchise Contract.


ExpressPay Franchise Business

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Awarded Best Payment Center ExpressPay Franchise



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ExpressPay Franchise Advantage

Integrated Online          System

Integrated Online E-Payment System.
One system for all services.
Provides reports that are detailed, real-time,
and accessible anywhere and anytime.
Transactions are secured.
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Single Load – Wallet        Fund

One Load Wallet  for all services to maintain.
Full earning potential is maximized for your funds.
Account reconciliation for all services is easy.
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Growing Business          Portfolio

Existing services are constantly improved.
More services are expected to be added. More services mean better ROI.
No additional cost on added business.
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Awarded Best Payment Center ExpressPay Franchise

ExpressPay Services

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Awarded Best Payment Center ExpressPay Franchise

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